Labour and

Employment Law

This is one of our flagship practice areas and our legal practitioners are recognized in the labour market as experts in this practice area. We pride to have within our team recognized and leading teachers of labour law at universities and colleges and also pioneering authors of leading texts and materials in the subject in Zimbabwe and internationally.

We provide services such as advisory and consultancy services in formation, drafting, and termination of contracts of employment, interpretation of contracts of employment, collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), and labour laws both to private and public sectors.

We also draft trade union constitutions, employment codes of conduct, and CBAs as well as appearing in labour litigation from disciplinary matters, chairing or presiding over disciplinary hearings (authorities), at the employment council level, conciliation, arbitration and Labour Court up to the Supreme Court.


Arbitration and Alternative

Dispute Resolution

We offer representation in negotiations, mediation, and arbitration and any other alternative dispute resolution matters including labour, contractual, commercial, debt recoveries, mining, inter and intra-corporate disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes among others. Our partners are also registered independent Arbitrators who preside over alternative dispute resolution matters especially involving wage-related disputes and interpretation and implementation of bargaining agreements and contracts.


Occupational Safety &

Health Law

We assist in the interpretation of health and safety laws, guidelines, and policies for both employers and employees. We assist in ensuring due compliance with health and safety laws and in ensuring redress for violation of the same.

We pursue compensation for workplace-related injuries and ailments in both the public and private sectors.  The firm also facilitates and conducts workshops for employers, employees, and trade unions on health and safe work environments and actively engages with regulatory, compliance, and compensating authorities on behalf of the affected and concerned.


Corporate and

Commercial Law

Our firm is composed of legal personnel skilled in corporate and commercial law and believes in seamless and cost-effective solutions on all business and transactional affairs of corporates; both budding and well established. MG & Partners offers corporate commercial legal practitioners who deliver practical, proactive, and commercially cost-effective advisory and consultancy services.

We support different types of clients including parastatals, public and private companies, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), microfinance houses, investment banks, corporate financiers, venture capitalists, private equity houses and private individuals.

Our services include investment, legal due diligence, collective investment schemes, and commercial contracts negotiation and drafting, shareholder and partnership agreements, company formation and registrations, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

We also deal with mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, insolvency, liquidation and corporate rescue schemes. Also under our portfolio is regulatory compliance advisory such as licensing, stock exchange rules and regulations and tax compliance.


SMEs and Informal


We are positioning ourselves to take centre stage in providing efficient and cost-effective legal services for emerging entrepreneurs in their business ventures. We offer our valued services with an honest understanding of the financial and viability challenges which these small and budding businesses face.

Some of the services we render include legal due diligence, business formalisation inter alia registration, licencing and compliance issues. We equip such businesses and entities through workshops, consultancy and trainings on areas of the law requiring compliance and critical attention such as fair trading and competition, anti-discrimination, fair and safe labour standards and practices, taxation, environmental regulation, contracts and insurance.



Property and Real

Estate Law

All our lawyers are also registered conveyancers and notaries public competent in movable, immovable and intangible property law. We offer services covering movable and immovable asset acquisitions, pre-purchase due diligence, sale and purchase negotiations and agreement drafting, lease negotiations and drafting, mortgage financing and mortgage notarial bond registration and cancellation.

Our legal practitioners are also competent in dealing with intellectual property and disputes arising therefrom. We also deal with property development consultancy and any form of litigation arising or related to property law.


Insurance, Pension and

Social Security Law

Over the years our firm has gained a full complement of legal services in the insurance, pension and social security law. We have an understanding of the insurers, the insureds and the regulator of these sectors. We have at different levels dealt with the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC), the National Social Security Authority (NSSA), insurance firms, employee pension trusts, insurance and reinsurance firms and various pension funds.

We provide drafting, interpretation and consultancy services on pension rules and insurance and pension policies. We also provide advisory services and guidance on pension investment to pension trustees and principal officers. Our services also extent to alternative dispute resolution and litigation arising from pension, insurance and social security schemes.


Family and Deceased

Estates Law

We deal with formation and dissolution of marriages including advisory on ante nuptial contracts as well divorce and matrimonial property sharing. We also deal with the rights of children including adoption, maintenance care, guardianship and custody. We also do will writing, family trusts formation and registration, estate planning as well as administration of deceased estates. We are proud to have duly registered Estate Administrators under our roof.